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Tapas Sharma says, I consider myself a design illusionist. Emotion in design is my motto and my passion is my strength.

Tapas has completed a B.sc in Visual Communications at SRM University, India and a Master’s Degree in Communication Design at Ravensbourne College London. What makes him different to other designers is his use of semiotics to inspire meaning in his design concepts. Somewhere along the line, he felt that there has become a really wide gap between art and design. He believes that the two are closely related and that if these can be combined, then the future of designing will be remarkable! Every design will have the capability to mean something that is far more than just what seems obvious.

This view of the future he is trying to incorporate and bring out through his design concepts. He says, when the bridge between art and design is built, design will no longer be something to just see and absorb, but something to feel and will communicate more.