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catherine king

Catherine King is a digital media guru with experience stemming from a digital marketing background. Her strengths include her diverse skill sets, adaptability, technical understanding and flexibility, and is well known for bringing her smile to every project she works on.

Catherine is always looking for new challenges to strengthen her skills and utilise them in new and interesting ways. Her diverse skill sets incorporate photography, graphic design, motion graphics and 3D animation but her heart truly lies with moving image.

Her experience includes working in the marketing teams a various companies including Danebank Anglican School for Girls primarily to create promotional video content and at a small family owned business Jaspa King to boost the companies online presence through various forms of digital media content. She also works as a freelance photographer/videographer in her spare time which provides a great variety of content production.

She is currently focusing on a Master’s qualification in visual effects at Ravensbourne College of Art and is looking to expand her network.